ABOUT Celliboost

Data-intensive applications are mission critical for the field operations of homeland security, law enforcement and government agencies. In order to meet demanding operational requirements, data must be transmitted rapidly without requiring special infrastructure or dedicated radio networks.

CelliBoost is a standalone mobile broadband solution that has been proven effective in supporting multiple operational scenarios.Scalable, versatile and durable, CelliBoost utilizes the standard cellular infrastructure to offer a superior, cost-effective, high-volume data transfer solution for government, law enforcement and
emergency services.

key features

Multiple WAN load balancing, bonding and failover

Aggregate multiple wireless connections with bandwidth bonding

HD video streaming over 4G/3G

Automatic transfer to best available link

Connections to LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi, DSL, cable, and/or satellite

Bandwidth allowance control and reporting

Up to four embedded LTE modems or embedded world-mode 3G modems

MIMO support

Built-in WLAN controller for AP (optional)

Captive portal for hotspots

Built-in GPS

Local and remote management of connection and link quality

Push To Talk - Radio Network over IP data

Scalable for Broader
Flexible Configurations
Ruggedized and Portable
Independent Solution

About us

our marketing team has identified a growing need for mobile broadband independent communication solution that will allow stable and fast traffic of high capacity data. Current solutions are based on satellite communications or microwave and are expensive (equipment, air-time) and in many cases exposed and unsecured. Celliboost was designed to provide - via consolidated cellular channels – low cost, available and easy to use broadband communication infrastructure. Anytime. Anywhere.



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